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Reading: Alcohol and the Physician – Sri Lankan context


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Alcohol and the Physician – Sri Lankan context


N. Nagaratnam,

General Hospital, Colombo, LK
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Formerly Consultant Physician


Clinical Associate Professor, Westmead Medical School, University of Sydney, Australia

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S. Ruwanpathirana

National Hospital Sri Lanka, LK
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Retired Consultant Physician
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This review focuses on chronic alcoholism in Sri Lanka and its contribution to the increased burden of disease, deaths and health costs. The burden of alcoholism is unquestionably rising in Sri Lanka. The review traces briefly the history of alcohol consumption from early times to the present day. It discusses the demographic characteristics, the pattern of drinking and the types of indigenous spirits. It describes the main clinical disorders relating to the liver, heart, nervous system, pancreas and the role of alcohol in the development of cancer. Lastly, it is the physician’s duty not only to treat the patient but also to devote himself to addressing the problem of alcoholism and related disorders. He has to remain in close contact with the patient and with those in policy making positions.
How to Cite: Nagaratnam, N. and Ruwanpathirana, S., 2018. Alcohol and the Physician – Sri Lankan context. Journal of the Ceylon College of Physicians, 49(1), pp.16–21. DOI:
Published on 29 Jun 2018.
Peer Reviewed


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