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Reading: Need for training in clinical research for postgraduate trainees


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Need for training in clinical research for postgraduate trainees


Kamani Wanigasuriya

Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura,, LK
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Objectives: Postgraduate training programme leading to MD (Medicine) encourages trainees to do research during their training period and a research project is a mandatory component for senior registrar training period in General Medicine. Postgraduate trainees’ perceptions towards clinical research and factors associated with their enthusiasm to participate in research were assessed in the present study.

Method: A self administered questionnaire was sent to 110 trainees between March 2011 and June 2011 to collect descriptive data on resources available for research, perceptions and research productivity.

Results: Response rate was 72%. Of the senior registrars, 71% were of the view that the research should be a mandatory component in training programme. Non availability of a research curriculum and lack of financial support were the two main institutional barriers to undertaking research identified by the trainees. Lack of time due to heavy clinical commitments and inadequacy of research training were identified as the two main personal obstacles. The opportunities for trainees to receive formal training and the research productivity were found to be inadequate.

Conclusions: In order to achieve maximum benefits from the research component, it should be supported with a formal training in research, research curriculum, protected time and good mentorship.


Journal of the Ceylon College of Physicians, 2011, 42, 16-20

How to Cite: Wanigasuriya, K., (2012). Need for training in clinical research for postgraduate trainees. Journal of the Ceylon College of Physicians. 42(1-2), pp.16–20. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2012.
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